Release of rfDynHUD 1.2.0

CTDP updates its dynamic HUD for rFactor

After over half a year of constant work for improvements, today CTDP proudly presents a major update to rfDynHUD - rFactor Dynamic HUD. This version is labeled 1.2.0 and incorporates many new features. We received a lot of good feedback that helped to shape the new release.

This plugin allows for easy customization of a HUD system for rFactor. You won't need most of rFactor's standard HUD and TV-Style, Map Plugin and others should finally be obsolete.
It was created by Marvin Fröhlich with some great contributions by Marcel 'm4rr5' Offermans.

Major features:

  • Create your own custom overlays for rFactor with as much or as little information as you want.
  • An intuitive editor is included to create these overlay configurations.
  • Support for different overlays for each session, car and mod.
  • Data and information Widgets for nearly any kind of situation.
  • TV-Overlay included (Ecclestone TV 2010), new images by Daniel Zemla
  • SDK for creating your own widgets

Many bugs have been fixed and even more features and Widgets have been added. Please read the changelog to learn more.

For upgraders: Please don't simply replace the config folder coming with the package by your old config folder. The structure has changed a bit. Instead copy your overlay*.ini files to the new installation as well as your custom images.

And please make sure to at least once read the main documentation, that pops up with the editor's first start.

This plugin is now Open Source under the terms of the General Public License GPLv2. If you want to contribute, please contact us to get access to the source code.

If you find this plugin useful, please don't hesitate to donate a few bucks.


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